Upcoming Reading Salons


After five fabulous years of bringing readers and authors together, Lady Jane’s Salon-Naperville is calling it a wrap. Adrienne and Tracey have loved providing a space for local authors to share their masterpieces with Chicagoland’s amazing and generous readers.

But we don’t want to go without saying a proper goodbye to all of you who have supported LJS with your precious time, $$, and friendship.

On April 4, we are having dinner at Angeli’s Restaurant in Naperville (1478 E. Chicago Avenue, Naperville) at 6:00 pm. Come hang out with us!

If you’re interested, please RSVP so we can reserve enough space for everyone. Depending on the size of the group, everyone will be able to order off the menu and pay for their meal separately. If the group grows, we’ll be eating family style and all sharing the cost. Easy-peasy!

Thank you for five amazing years and we hope to see you on the 4th!

xoxo Tracey and Adrienne


8 thoughts on “Upcoming Reading Salons”

  1. Donna Smith said:

    When will registration open for the Feb. 2015 event ? Thank-you !!

  2. Sarah Kapla said:

    Looking forward to the June event. April was great.
    Sarah Kapla

  3. I must cancel for tomorrow I cant get it to register on website

  4. I am looking forward to this month’s meeting!

  5. Sarah Kapla said:

    Looking forward to Lady Jane Salon in August.

  6. When will Oct. 4, 2016 registration be available ??? We enjoy the readings !!!

  7. Sarah Kapla said:

    Looking forward to the new Steel Ridge Series.

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